Mitosis: The Image’s Extended Phenotype

How images exhibit the memes that control them

This is a stream of consciousness write up, with some citations made in post, about how I think images operate.

“Mitosis (Bronica S2a)” 2021. A medium format camera lost in its own reflection. The gray camera is a 3D printed to-scale replica of the camera below. The digital scan of the Bronica was constructed using photogrammetry software.
“Mitosis (Canon 6D)” 2021.
“Mitosis (24–70mm)” 2021.
Holding it in the real world. The photogrammetry scan was 3D printed and primed with gray spray paint. The aberrations in the scan were not cleaned up. “Mitosis (70–200mm)” 2021.
“Mitosis” 2021.

A student of Media Ecology. More work at

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