Ingenic and Exgenic Media

Towards an ultimate display

Sutherland’s Sword of Damocles.

Aiming for the octopus

The act of embodiment reveals something special — a naked mind. A naked mind is apparently unmediated.
  • Content that is ingenic means it has been generated in the same medium of its consumption.
  • Creating ingenically means content is generating in the same medium it will be consumed in.
  • A log cabin built by the surrounding wood
  • Tiktok videos made on TikTok
  • Improv theater
  • Installation art
  • Transnational manufacturing
  • Movies on airplanes
  • Online shopping

The effects of ingenic media


  1. Knowing what to do next
  2. Knowing how to do it
  3. Freedom from distractions
  4. Clear and immediate feedback
  5. High perceived challenges and high perceived skills

Self Elimination

Yogis perform in a mall in Toronto, Canada during COVID-19 quarantine.


The effects of exgenic media

A media singularity




A student of Media Ecology. More work at

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tywen kelly

tywen kelly

A student of Media Ecology. More work at

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